Sweet Sweet Music

This weekend as we gathered for the house show with Nashville recording artist Emmalea Deal, I was thankful for our home that has been a vehicle not only for keeping friendships alive but also for kindling new friendships.  It may come as a surprise to you that I’m actually an introvert by nature.  It’s true.  Being outgoing and sociable does not come naturally to me, but at the same time I love doing things for others, especially sharing our home, and since embarking upon this house show entertainment adventure and putting myself out there to interact with others I have been blessed tenfold with numerous new friendships.  I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting each new face that has walked through our big red door, and even though I still get a bit nervous each time before we entertain because I worry about not putting my best out there, the payoff of getting to know so many wonderful folks has made it so worthwhile.  It’s especially been rewarding to see Gunner make new friends and see some great performances through this venture, too.  #worthit.

Thanks for this picture Adam!
Thanks for this picture Adam!

Emmalea’s performance this weekend was fantastic.  This girl played her heart out for three hours, and when I finally looked at the clock at ten I couldn’t believe she’d played that long.  It seemed like the blink of an eye.  We had several regulars and some new faces as well, and the atmosphere as folks mingled after the show was magical.

I also found a kindred house spirit in an overnight guest who shared some amazing historical home restoration stories with us.  I think we could have talked houses all day!  To this wonderful guest, THANK YOU so very much for making the trip to Buckhannon and sharing your stories with us.  We’ll never forget them!  These experiences– these experiences are what make opening up our home so very sweet.

I’m feeling thankful this Thanksgiving, and wish all of you that same comforting feeling in your lives.  Happy Thanksgiving!