Squirrel Hawking in Appalachia


by Heather McNemar

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Squirrel Hawking in Appalachia chronicles a hunting season of two falconers flying two hen red-tailed hawks in central West Virginia.  Written from the point-of-view of one of the falconers in a memoir-like style, the book takes readers into the often misunderstood world of falconry, revealing its hardships and well-earned victories with sometimes embarrassing transparency.  While the book covers technical aspects of the sport and includes many valuable lessons for young falconers, it’s also a great book for those interested in what falconry is all about.  If you’re interested in learning how responsible hunting practices and birds of prey come together in the sport of falconry, order your copy of Squirrel Hawking in Appalachia today!

Note: This book contains detailed descriptions of the hunting and dispatching of wild game and may not be suitable for all readers.  

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About the Author

Heather McNemar is a licensed falconer and proud member of the West Virginia Falconry Club and the North American Falconers Association.  She has a passion for sharing her hunting stories with others and promoting the importance of falconry and responsible hunting practices in wildlife conservation.  Heather resides in central West Virginia with her husband and son who lovingly support her in all of her falconry pursuits. 


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