Fan Membership


One-Year Fan Membership.



Our McNemar House Fan Membership gives you all of the benefits of our Library Membership along with discounts on house show tickets, food, and drinks.  Since we’re still in the process of obtaining our permits and rolling out our menu, we’re offering a great deal on this membership right now, so it’s the perfect time to get on board.  With your one-year Fan Membership you can:

  • Search our library online
  • Reserve books online
  • Borrow books from our library anytime you’re here for a show or other event
  • Make an appointment to stop by and browse the library privately

You also get:

  • 10% off up to 4 tickets per show
  • 10% off food & drinks at shows (as soon as we start serving)

Once you’ve purchased this membership, we’ll mail you a sweet membership card!


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