Happy Hour with Friends by Liza Brenner Samples


36″ X 36″ Mixed media on panel. Original. 2014.

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We love this moody painting from artist Liza Brenner Samples.  This is a great opportunity to own one of Liza’s original mixed media on panel pieces from her 2014 Blue Series.

Painted in 2014. 36″ x 36″.

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About the Artist

Liza Brenner Samples was born in South Western New York, where her family still resides. She later went on to receive a BFA in Drawing at Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and an MFA in Painting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2004.

Liza has exhibited and been recognized for her sureal and eye catching work at the national and international level. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at South Pugent Sound Community College and resides in Olympia, WA.

Liza Brenner Samples at McNemar House

I first met Liza when she was making her move out to Olympia, WA from Buckhannon, WV. I had heard about her work with the Art 26201 project, and I was excited to see what pieces she might have available before she moved out to the West Coast. I left her studio with three originals for our collection, and it was really hard for me not to purchase every piece she had. I will always be a fan of Liza's work because I love how she pulls elements of history together with modern themes.

Liza's "The End is Near" from her 2014 Red Series currently resides in our entry. "The Autocrat II" from her 2013 Black Series featuring Henry VIII and some crazy stick-figure paparazzi is featured in our master bedroom, and "Teddy Roosevelt on a Train" is my favorite piece in Gunner's bedroom.

Liza's work makes a wonderful addition to any art collection, and we hope you'll find the perfect piece for your home here on our website.


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