Abraham Lincoln Matted & Framed Print


Abraham Lincoln

c. 1860

Reproduction from Albumen Print

by Alexander Hesler

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I’ve chosen to curate this reproduction print by photographer Alexander Hesler because it’s my hands-down favorite photograph of Lincoln.  I’m drawn to this particular print because Lincoln was so often photographed and painted with his signature beard, and the clean-shaven Lincoln in Hesler’s representation is such a stark contrast to traditional Lincoln depictions.

This matted and framed print can be seen in the McNemar House living room where it is mixed with both modern and historic elements including an antique mill wheel mold, a reproduction factory cart, a functioning metal traffic light, a coal miner bust by sculptor Andrew Thorne, and variety of coffee table books.  It makes a great addition to a variety of rooms whether traditional or modern.


Matted & Framed 18″x24″ Giclee Print Under Clear Glass | 21″x29″ Finished Dimensions | Gold & Bronze Frame | Black Matting with Black Core



Additional information

About the Artist

Alexander Hesler
1823 – 1895
Hesler was born in Montreal. He was active in the 1850s and early 1860s, learned daguerrotype and ambrotype photography; however, in company with many of his fellow craftspeople, he was trained in glass plate photography in the 1850s and specialized in it thereafter. He operated studios in Chicago and Springfield, Illinois, and took images of people and scenes in Illinois. Using a portable darkroom, he also produced landscape scenes from nearby states and territories of what is now the American Midwest.
Hesler's known portraits include photographs of the two chief Illinois political figures of his day, Lincoln and federal senator Stephen A. Douglas. In the 1860 presidential election, Lincoln's friends took steps to have Hesler's images copied and recirculated, cementing their stature as works of Lincoln image-making.


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