Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays for decorating, but with all of our Christmas trimmings and various rooms it can be a little daunting.  Luckily my mother always decorates our big tree.  She is a Christmas tree wizard.  I have so many fond childhood memories of our immaculately decorated Christmas trees.

As for the rest of the house, I’ve taken that on for the last two years, and it has been made much easier with the help of a detailed list of the items I use for each room along with directions for each room.  If you have a mammoth Christmas decor collection, I highly recommend this system.  While you could even type up your plan and print it out, it’s totally functional written on notebook pages like mine.  Here’s a few images of my pages.  This year was so easy because I knew exactly what I needed for each room, I knew the items I needed to remove, and I knew where to place everything.  I made a few changes and made those changes in my notebook for next year to keep the system going.

I love the mix of Highland plaid and fur.  We use this motif throughout the house for the holidays.  My favorite Highland plaid pattern is Ballard Designs’ Holiday Plaid.  For those of you who prefer navy plaid to red plaid, try their Mackenzie Plaid.


We love decorating the guest room seasonally. Christmas is one of our favorite times of year!

Another detail we carry throughout the house is Ballard Designs’ Angel Pine garland.  It’s a favorite of mine because of how realistic it is in color, texture, and detail.  It even has tiny pine cones interspersed in the branches.


We use Angel Pine garland from Ballard Designs throughout the house during Christmastime.

Even Washington gets festive for Christmas.

The house is nice and cozy, and we’re cuddling up for our favorite Christmas movie: Christmas Vacation.  Sending Christmas love from our home to yours!