Life. Do it.

Most of you that follow along know that inspiring people to live life is one of our biggest goals here at McNemar House.  This week I’m making another plea for everyone to do just that.  It’s important.  No person is going to look back on his life and remember how fulfilled he was after watching hours of television or using Facebook.  Do I watch television and check Facebook?  Yep.  Do I enjoy it?  Yep.  But for me there is also a balance of actively doing things that add value to my life in a way that television and social media cannot.

My grandpa’s vision of paradise– the family camp.

Lately I’ve been particularly reflective on the how much better my life is because I choose to make time to be passionate about things and make memories.  Life is still hard.  There are still days that I’m surprised we get through, but being able to look back at some of the things that made us happy makes the hard days easier to endure.   I don’t think I’ll look back on my life and remember how much I enjoyed watching stand-up comedy on TV, but I do think I’ll look back and remember the feeling of finding my first arrowhead, which I did this weekend.  I’m well aware that time can be hard to carve out, but it doesn’t matter whether you have an entire week, a weekend, a day, or only a few minutes– you can make time to do something you love.

Maybe you love architecture like me.  I rarely have time go to my favorite houses and take tours, but I often have ten minutes to sit down and read about my favorite houses or plan our next visit.  Even the action of planning is an enjoyable and important part of the adventure, and it gives me happiness.

Obligatory West Virginia ramp photograph.

Our weekend was filled with things we had to do, but we still made time to enjoy life, and the conscious decision to do that made my weekend better.  We started out our weekend with a wonderful house show with Justin Bowers who kicked off his Better Stories series at McNemar House.  I spent Saturday catching up on work while Gunner was at my Mom’s house, but I stopped early enough to go out to dinner with Bronson and him, something we rarely get to do.

Mom & Gunner.
Dad & Gunner at the camp.

On Sunday we went to our annual ramp dinner hosted by my grandparents at our camp, and even though I had to be back in time to drive to Elkins to get a new load of bees for a new hive we still managed to carve out thirty minutes to dig for arrowheads after dinner– something I’d been wanting to do since last summer.  Now I’m hooked.

Rock exploring.
At the top.

Was it a bit hectic trying to cram all of those things into one day?  Yep.  Was it worth it?  Yep.  Not only did I find my first arrowhead, but I was able to spend some time with my parents, Bronson, and Gunner, and do things that won’t always be possible.  Life really is short.  It’s no joke.  Carve out that time to do something you love and to spend time with people you love even if you only have thirty minutes.  You’ll feel so much better for it.

Hunting for arrowheads.
My first arrowhead find at the age of thirty-two.