We’re proud to offer traveler accommodations at our little farmhouse!  To check availability of our guest room, just give us a call or text at 304-439-1145.

We share our farmhouse with a six-year old and a black cat.  While we keep the place as spotless as possible, we don’t recommend our guest room for people with allergies or people who don’t like kids.  Bahaha!


The Jefferson Room, named for President Thomas Jefferson and adorned with a lovely color print of his home Monticello, features a full size bed with firm mattress and memory foam topper, a secretary desk,  and access to the second floor covered porch. Antique oak and walnut furniture is complimented with modern painted white pieces. The bathroom with tub/shower combo and heated flooring is located across the hall, but is the designated private bathroom for your stay. Guests also have access to all rooms on the first floor including the library.

While we do rent out our guest room here at McNemar House, we never intend to be a full-service B&B.  In the spirit of coming together as a community we are very proud to be partnering with A Governor’s Inn.  Our guests now have the opportunity to enjoy Charla’s signature five-course breakfast at A Governor’s Inn, only a fifteen minute drive from McNemar House.  This breakfast experience is only $20 per person, and we make the reservation for you, so it’s easy!  We even add it to your tab here, so you only have one bill to pay upon checkout.  Trust us.  It’s a great optional addition to your stay here at McNemar House!

The Dining Room at A Governor’s Inn